Do I need a wet suite ?
No, you can use casual or sport suit and ready for wet situation

Do I need a rafting licence ?
No, a license ins not required, you will arranged our crew

Does it take long to learn ?
No, only a breaf 10 minute by instructor/crew

Can the whole family enjoy rafting?
Yes, kids ages from 12 years old may enjoy the rafting tour

Will my hair and make-up get wet?

I can't swim. Can I go to rafting ?
You don't have to know to swim

In Rafting activities are we covered by insurance?
Yes, insurance coverage cause by an accident

Are the children can join rafting?
Yes, children can come with age 7-12 years

How long duration rafting activities?
About 2.5 hours, because we are the longest spot in Bali

I wear Hijab/Jilbab can joint to rafting?
Yes you can